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The busbar trunking system was first introduced in America in the 1930s to meet the needs of the high rise buildings and the changing production technologies in factories.The system started to be used in Japan and Europe in the 1950s.
It was EAE Elektrik A.Ş. who started the production and use of busbar trunking systems in Turkey in the 1970s.


High technological, modular structured E-LINE busbar systems for energy distribution allow users to get safe energy how much and where ever they need by tap off boxes, easy and efficient planning, short installation time, the possibility of redesign (reuse), etc. Alterations in layouts, addition of machinery, and provision of power at various points can be achieved without disrupting the operational parts of the facility.

Power is distributed via isolated bars within a sheet metal or aluminium enclosure and is safely distributed using tap-off boxes which can be plugged in and out safely from tap-off outlets along the length of the busbar without interrupting the power supply to other equipment supplied by the same busbar.

E-LINE busbar systems are designed and certified as per IEC 61439-6 standard, exist from 0.4kV to 24kV, rated currents from 25A to 6300A.

Before each ordering of equipment, defining the busbars are done in specialized software for 3D modeling and technical calculations in order to create the optimal system configuration for each project separately.

In this way, we can respond to almost every request of the Client so that his system has a long lifespan and the best possible performance.

SLED also provides full technical support with its own resources:

 •  Design
 •  3D modeling
 •  Coordination with the contractor and the Client
 •  Installation and commissioning
 •  Installation supervision
 •  User training

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