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TMC Transformers S.p.A., Switzerland is our strategic partner for the procurement of medium voltage, low voltage transformers and reactors. Top products and custom solutions.

Dry-type transformers for distribution and special purposes such as marine&offshore, solar power plants, wind farms, railways, infrastructure, data centres, industry, battery storage.

Cast Resin & VPI Technology
KeyPoints & Advantages

Generally, MV insulation system < 52kV and ratings < 25MVA

•Combination of Cast Resin and Foil winding offers the ultimate in terms of dielectric performance and short circuit withstand.

•Winding in either Aluminiumor Copper–No technical difference.
•Axial air coolingchannels ‘cast’ into coil for improved cooling and economy for ratings > 5MVA

•Selected LV applications for Heavy Environmental pollution

•VPI perfect solution for low voltage transformers and inductors